Blinds have become a popular alternative to curtains due to the ease of cleaning and their ability to blend into almost any type of setting. They provide both privacy and can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Almost all types of blinds can be motorized and controlled by automation systems.

Day (perforated) and night (black-out) roller blinds help to reduce glare
Outdoor Roller Blinds can turn outdoor space into usable indoor space
Translucent roller blind in kitchen provides total privacy while letting in light
Roman blinds have minimal gap between 2 sets of blinds
Outdoor roller blinds is highly effective against sunlight and protects your flooring; but the gap between blinds is as wide as 10cm; it is the most cost-effective of all
Venetian Wood or PVC blinds are easy to maintain and modern – ideal for study rooms
Shadow (Combi or Zebra or Korean) Blinds provide flexibility replacing day and night curtain
Zip blind – unlike roller blind, the 2 sides of the blind are firmly encased, leaving no side gaps
Bamboo blinds provide a cool enclosed balcony during sunny days – the gaps between blinds is smaller than roller blinds; when a layer of PVC backing is added to the blind, it provides reasonable protection from rain (except for the small gap between blinds) and prolongs the life of the bamboo slats. In terms of costs, it is cheaper than zip blinds (about half) and is slightly more expensive than manual outdoor roller blinds. However it is heavier to operate than roller blinds