Upholstery Carpets Wallapapers

Old furnitures often become a part of home’s identity. Rather than discarding that worn-out piece of sofa, why not add new life to your interior furniture by re-upholstering them. With our wide selection of exclusive European fabrics, your reupholstered sofa or armchair is bound to take centre-stage in your living room once again.


Most people are aware that carpets absorb a great deal of ambient noise, making them ideal for office meeting rooms. Less well-known is that carpets are wonderful in absorbing ambient dust and improving air quality indoors.  Studies have actually revealed that individuals with asthma and also allergy troubles have actually seen signs and symptoms enhance with carpeting. In homes with young children, carpets prevent slips and painful falls. Most carpets nowadays are made to be highly resistant to stains and are easy to maintain. Decoratively carpets add a nice dose of texture and print to a room that is otherwise  plain, especially when painted in lighter hues.


While generally more expensive than a coat of paint, wallpapers are alot more durable and stand up to wear and tear of children much better than paint. They also offer unlimited design that, when used at the correct place, can make s mall room look roomier and vice versa.